Endowments are a unique way to recognize and honor family members, friends, and others with an enduring legacy that will benefit future generations of University of Arizona students and Tucson community members. Library collections endowments are a unique opportunity, compared to other types of endowments, because they provide a tangible and constantly growing contribution to the university. The positive effects of each endowment begin immediately and are cumulative over time as both the balance grows and the number of items purchased increases. Each year with new additions the endowed collection becomes larger, further enriching the community.

The University of Arizona Libraries have a number of endowments established by individuals with exceptional vision, as listed below. These funds welcome your endorsement, or you are invited to create your own endowment to support your favored program area. The University of Arizona Libraries welcome the establishment of endowments to support particular areas of the libraries’ collections, or for general use in the areas of greatest need. These donations ensure the continuing prominence of the University Libraries by enabling the Libraries to enhance areas that complement the University’s academic programs, expand electronic information services, and guarantee accessibility for all users.

Please contact Debra Rodriguez, Director of Development, at 520.621.3485 or email: debraz@email.arizona.edu to discuss creation of your own endowment.

Specialized Endowments

Alexander and Nicholas J. Cutrules Hellenic Studies Endowment

Enriches the printed and electronic materials in Special Collections and the Libraries pertaining to Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Asia Minor, Asia Major, Egypt, France and Iberia. 

Ann-Eve and Emery Johnson Library Endowment

Acquires special books in the Fine Arts and Humanities with a heavy emphasis on art books with beautiful reproductions (this emphasis is perpetuated by family).  Purchases are as requested by staff of Special Collections, College of Fine Arts or University of Arizona Museum of Art.

Dr. E. Daniel Albrecht Science and Engineering Library Endowment

Supports cutting-edge research, teaching, and study in Science or Engineering disciplines.

Fay and Lawrence Clark Powell Endowment for Southwest Research

Supports the Southwest Research collection.

Henry F. Dobyns Applied Anthropology Endowment

For the purchase, processing, digitization, and preservation of Applied Cultural Anthropology collections.

Hitoshi Kamada East Asian Studies Library Fund

Ensures the ongoing maintenance and growth of the East Asian collection.

Kathryn Cowan and Paul Shephard Library Endowment

Provides research fellowships for graduate students engaged in U.S./Mexico Border studies, history of the Southwest, or Latin American Studies.

Kenneth C. Eich and Holly A. Hart Library Endowment

Purchases library materials and resources in the subject areas of Business, Finance, and Economics. 

Kenneth E. Gerber Endowment

Supports Clinical Psychology

Lois C. Olsrud Distinguished Librarian Faculty Endowment

Rewards librarians who provide excellent service; honors librarians who distinguish themselves in scholarship, education, and service.

Morris Martin Library Endowment

Enhances collections in European history and culture.

Nancy D. Solomon Artists' Books Endowment

Purchases artists' books for Special Collections

Naomi and Samuel Greenfield Library Scholarship Endowment

Supports a scholarship for an undergraduate student working in the University Libraries.

Rabbi Marcus Breger Memorial Endowment

Acquires texts in Tanach, Talmud, Rabbinics, and Jewish history. 

Ruth H. Dickstein Women’s Studies Library Endowment

Enhances and enriches Women’s Studies resources. 

Schaefer Endowment (Drs. John P. and Helen S. Schaefer)

Acquires materials for the University Libraries' Special Collections

Science-Engineering Library Growing Excellence Fund

Enriches the physical and electronic resources of the Science-Engineering Library.  To manage revenue donated for ornaments on the Growing Excellence Tree.

W. David Laird and Helen Ingram Library Endowment

Purchases and strengthens library materials in Southwest desert ecology and environment.

William J. Wolfe Music Library Endowment

Acquires books and other materials for the University's Music Library

General Endowments

Allen Family Library Endowment

Supports library acquisitions at the discretion of the University Libraries Dean or her/his representative for the general information and research needs of students, faculty and staff.

Dee Ann and James Sakrison Library Endowment

Used by the Friends of the University Libraries Board of Directors to support the University Libraries.

Dick Tomey Library Technology Enhancement Endowment

Supports library technology enhancements: to upgrade and maintain library technology.

Friends’ Special Opportunity Endowment

For creative and meaningful projects advancing programs and technologies benefiting students, faculty and community users.

James and Lynne Owens Library Endowment

Supports library acquisitions at the discretion of the University Libraries Dean or her/his representative for the general information and research needs of students, faculty and staff.

Laura and Arch Brown Library Endowment

Supports the University Libraries in diverse subject areas at the discretion of the Dean.

Rev. Dewitt Joseph and Jean Houston Brady Library Endowment Fund

Purchases books in memory of Reverend DeWitt Joseph Brady at the Dean’s discretion.

Samuel and Corinna Huang Library Endowment

Purchases general resources and materials for undergraduate use.  To be used at the discretion of the University Libraries Dean or her/his representative. 

Special Collections Endowments

Bertie Berry and Virginia Hayden Women of Mystery Collection and Archive Endowment

Purchases women mystery writers' books and archival materials.

Guadalupe Endowment for Southwest Hispanic Culture

Supports Southwest Hispanic Culture.

Jacquie and Jim McNulty Endowment

Supports and enhances Special Collections especially to care for and manage photos, manuscripts, and archives.

Ken Wolfgang and Kendra Gaines Library Endowment

Provides research fellowships for graduate students (using Special Collections) engaged in moving image studies.

Polly Hamilton Special Collections Endowment

Acquires unique materials for Special Collections.

Ruth Goodhue Chasteney Memorial Endowment

Acquires materials and books of English and American literature.

Up with People Fund

Supports Up with People collections.

Vaudeville Fund

Supports Special Collections in the acquisition of Vaudeville materials.