Giving Trees

These beautiful, hand-crafted bronze and brass sculptures are an everlasting tribute to the efforts of individuals, like you, who are committed to building a strong research center at the University of Arizona.

You are invited to inscribe a leaf, acorn, stone, quail or mini-tree for your dedication. Each engraving will serve as a lasting memento commemorating a person or event of your choice. You may wish to honor a parent, student, professor, or loved one; highlight a special occasion; or simply place your name among the other generous contributors.

Main and Science-Engineering Libraries

On display at our Main and Science-Engineering Libraries, our two Giving Trees raise funds to help our Libraries branch into the next century of higher education with roots firmly planted in academic excellence. Your gift will mark your dedication to maintaining excellence in scholarship through building library resources.  You can order your ornaments for the trees below.

Main Library Building the Future Tree: order online.

Science-Engineering Library Growing Excellence Tree: order online.

Up with People Tree of Nations

On display in our Special Collections, the Tree of Nations raises funds to build an everlasting tribute to the Up with People spirit. This is a living archive; it will continue to grow and showcase the contributions and global impact of Up with People to keep them within reach of broader audiences now and into the future. Funds go into the endowment to support projects related to the Up with People ArchiveYour gift will mark your dedication and memorialize your experience with the Up with People organization.

Up With People Tree of Nations: order online.